Recommended Plants

Recommended Vegetable Varieties 2004 Revision

Wildflowers in Bloom

The HOTTEST Plants Growing

Landscape Plants for Texas

Landscape Plants for East Texas

Landscape Plants for West Texas

Landscape Plants for the Texas Coast

Landscape Plants for Southeast Texas

Fruit, Nut and Berry Varieties for Texas

Landscape Plants for North Central Texas

Landscape Plants for South Central Texas

Ornamentals for the Rio Grande Valley

Characteristics of Crape Myrtle Varieties

CEMAP, Coordinated Educational and Marketing Assistance Program

Variety Trials

2003 Fall Tomato Variety Trials

2003 Watermelon Variety Trials

2003 Tomato Variety Trials

2002 Watermelon Variety Trials

2001 Tomato Variety Trials

2001 Fall Tomato Variety Trials

2001 Watermelon Variety Trials

2000 Watermelon Variety Trials

Roses for South Central Texas

Daylilies for South Central Texas

Characteristics of Crape Myrtle Varieties

Gardening Guides


The Easter Lily

Fall Planting Guide

Fall Seeding Dates

Spring Planting Guide

Spring Seeding Dates

Our Vegetable Travelers

Planting by the Moon – 2002

EARTH-KIND Gardening Guide

MININPUTS-Gardening with a Minimum of Inputs

Growing Information

PLANTanswers Cactus Culture


Weed Images

Forage Bermuda

Flowers for All Seasons

Stop the Crape Murder!

Water Gardens in Texas

Drought Information Resources

Turfgrass Management and Use

Hydroponic Gardening as a Hobby

Master Gardener Houseplant Guide

Specialty Vegetables

Shade-loving Plants for Water Gardens

Ornamental Plants Resistant to Cotton Root Rot

Mulches for Low Cost/Low Maintenance Landscapes

Deer, Dog, Cat, Mother-in-law, and Other Varmint Repellents and Barriers

New Ornamental Plants for South Central Texas

Millennium Edition 1998 Edition 1997 Edition 1996 Edition

Uniquely Texas


Lore of the Bluebonnet

Deer-Resistant Landscape Plants

The legend of the Pink Bluebonnet.
Best of the Best Deer-Resistant Landscape Plants


PLANTanswers Guide to Searching for Answers

Poisonous Plants

Home Worm Production

The Language of Flowers

Nutritional Composition of Fruits

Nutritional Composition Spinach and Lettuce

Growing Christmas Trees in Texas

Nutritional Composition of Vegetables

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